Saturday, March 12, 2011

Do you like my laundry?

I've been wanting to try resticking my cricut mats for a while. Being I live overseas, I can't just run out and buy new mats. I noticed that I'm down to my last new mat so I'm giving this a try. Yes, there are 15 of them babies. I washed them all and had them propped up on a towel to dry, then I decided maybe they needed some room between them. So I hung them up on clothes drying rack. I hope this works. I have the Zig two way chisel pen ready to go when they are dry. Otherwise I have to pay HUGE shipping cost to get more mats. Wish me luck.


Sonya said...

It will work. i have found that after I glue them and they are good and dry, if I take a tee shirt (old one) or some other non-lint material and "pat" the mats, they work better. Otherwise they can be too sticky! Good luck.

Amber said...

Hehe... I love your laundry! It does works! I have been using the same mat for 6 months and that mat has seen a lot of action! I also wipe it down with a baby wipe after every so many cuts to help tack it back up and help keep the crusties off!

Oh So Cute!! said...

Thanks. A few of them were quite tacky (in a good way) after I washed them. I might be the only person who HATES a brand new mat. It's just too sticky. Sonya, I'll try the t-shirt method next time. I usually just use my hand on it. Wow Amber 6 months with the same mat. I'll try the baby wipes.

lv2scrap02 said...

Thanks for the tips on keeping mats clean

Love That Bug said...

Great tip. I need to do a few of mine
I have an award for you on my blog :)