Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Strut-Your-Cuts Challenge

So I've been needing a kick in the butt to use some of these cartridges I have. I came across a really cool challenge over at Scrappy Go Lucky. She's choosing 5 cartridges per week for us to challenge ourselves with. Of the 5 chosen I only have one, I know shocker, so I decided to make a layout using the baseball cuts from Sports Mania. I've had that cartride for about a year and it still had the little sticker over the cartridge part. Translation- it's never been used. What I discovered is there are lots of really fun things on this cartridge.

Here is the blog address if you want to participate.

Sorry, I still have no idea how to link my blog to hers so you can just click the name and go there.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Mini Monsters Centerpiece

The other day I decided to get out my Mini Monsters Cartridge and see what I could make. What fun! I used all scraps with the exception of one sheet of purple. I did use it later on a another monster so I think that counts as using all scraps. My son's birthday is at the end of October and he always wants a Halloween party. I'm thinking we could have a monster mash theme party this year. He did really like the centerpiece so maybe it won't be so hard for me to talk him into it. I just love this cartridge.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Action Wobble Card

Hello I've been wanting to make my own action wobble card for a long time. I think they are oh so cute!!.  Being that I live in Jordan and we only have 1 scrapbook store, not even a Michelas or Joanns here, I made my own.  They were super simple to make and I think I'll be making a lot more in the future.  I used my new 3 Birds on Parade cartridge for this cute little pilgrim. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bitten By The Bug 2 Challenge

Hello- over at Bitten By the Bug 2 they issued a challenge to use the tree cut off the Heritage cartridge. Well, surprisingly that is one of the cartridges I don't own. So I used the tree off the Wall Decor cratridge. I actually used some of the embelishments that have been collecting dust over the years. The trees are cut at 4 in. and the apples, leaves, basket and ladder are all from those packages of buttons you can get in the sewing section. Maybe that doesn't make sense, but it does to me. The letters that spell fall were from my stash as well. I think maybe I bought those 5 years ago. I like to think they were just waiting for the right occasion to make thier apperance.

Challenge is at

Sorry I don't know how to put a link in my post. Maybe someday I'll learn. Anyway enjoy the card. I'm quite proud of it.

Christmas Card

This is a card I made with Holiday Cakes cartridge. I really like how it turned out.

Monday, June 13, 2011


I can't stop making notebooks. They are so much fun. Not sure if I'm making them right or not. I seem to smoosh the wires a bit. I guess I'll just have to keep practicing. This first one is for a friend who asked me to make one to give to her freind at work. She said Tourquise and Pink I'm in love! I'll add her inital when I find out what it is. I think I'll make more like this one. The other one was for my son Khalid. He likes dinosaurs and being 12 didn't want anything cutsey. I do believe this is the first time that cartridge has seen the light of day.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Baby Shower Centerpieces

I'm so excited, a while back I made 2 centerpieces for a friend of my to take to a baby shower she was hosting. They turned out really nice. She said everyone was very impressed. So this freind called me and said the the lady she gave the centerpieces wanted my number, she wanted 2 centerpieces for a baby shower she was hosting. She wasn't very specific, she just said for a girl, and cute. So I got busy and made 2 sets. I figure she can pick the ones she likes and she'll have a choice. I'll bring the 2 she doesn't want back home and save them for another occasion.

It's going to be hard to see them go, but I think I'll get over it pretty quickly!